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Areas of Interest

The Docks

The Street of Shrines: A small street built up around the many foreign religions of visiting sailors.

The High Quarter

Cathedral of Olengrav: The Church of the Triad’s main headquarters within the great city.
The Lycaeum: A center of learning within Olengrav. The latest headmaster has made the outlandish promise that he can teach people the art of magic.
Castle Olengrav: Home to Lord Branik Rabinov, as well as his court.

The Low Quarter

The Grey Tower: The prison and local headquarters of Olengrav’s city watch.

The Merchant Quarter

The Hunted Hart: A tavern near the docks.
The Marketplace: <insert>

Factions of Power

Carnival de Tornado: A secret organization of misfits that hides itself within the dregs of society.
Church of the Triad: The main religion of the kingdom, with great influence and wealth.
Molotok Order: A group of holy knights within the Church that lead its armies and protect its Gifted.
The Long Knives: A gang of organized thugs and loansharks operating out of the docks.
The White Sail Company: A powerful conglomeration of merchants and magnates.

Main Page

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