The Lycaeum

2321198689_9d78e9d386.jpgOne of the reasons Olengrav is considered the center of knowledge and art in the kingdom is the university known as the Lycaeum. Within its walls students learn every conceivable academic field—from astrology to medicine, mathematics to engineering.

Almost a decade ago, the university underwent a change in leadership. Sokolov, the new headmaster, claims to be able to actually teach the ability to use magic, something commonly known to be an inborn trait. His first students have recently graduated, and the world waits to see if they indeed can work with the fabric of the universe…

Students and Faculty

Olena: Junior student within the school.
Headmaster Dimetri Sokolov: Headmaster of the school, and the man who claims he can teach magic.
Naya Vitelli: Recent graduate of the academy. She has been seen casting spells.
Yuri Nalovich: Recent dropout of the university, after Naya attempted to have him framed for murder.

The Lycaeum

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