Cathedral of Olengrav


The Cathedral of Olengrav was, until the coming of the Lycaeum, the center of learning within the city. It still is an impressive reminder of the city’s cultural history, though it is rare to see someone not of the clergy walk its halls anymore.

The place is massive, including a massive sanctuary that is always filled with city-goers attending the many masses held throughout each day. The cathedral also contains barracks for the Molotok Order, dungeons for the Church Inquisitors, and countless rooms and laboratories for enchanters, alchemists, archivists, and other clergy.

Resident Clergy

Brother Gervich: Retired Inquisitor
Brother Mikhael: Wizened enchanter and alchemist.
Canon Demian: Head of the Cathedral.
Irena Volkav: Head Archivist of the Cathedral
Ganya Volkav: Sorceress troubleshooter for the Church.
Peter Boyar: Knight of the Molotok.

Cathedral of Olengrav

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